Work Experience in South-Africa

Have you recently graduated and would you like to gain relevant work experience but at the same time discover the world? Then our Work Experience package is what you are looking for! Come to South Africa for a period of 3 months up to 3 years, gain relevant work experience within your bachelor or master degree and discover all the beautiful things South Africa has to offer in your spare time. The companies where you can work are the same as our internships; your duties are of course different from those of an intern and the goal is to give your career a kickstart! Many companies have a budget for this so that you can do paid work.

  • Just like with our internship mediation, our Work Experience in South Africa is based on the personal wishes, qualities and individual skills of each candidate. Let us know what you would like to do yourself, and especially: where your strength and talents lie.

  • Then we will look for which local organization would be the best fit for you. Would you like to gain experience in finance, events or would you like to further develop your organization skills?

  • In general, the workplaces that we offer are available throughout the year and for a longer period. For example, do you want to come for 1 year then this is also possible!

  • You can also choose to gain experience at different companies if you plan to come to South Africa for a longer period of time. For example, you can work at one company for six months and then we will place you at another company for another six months.

A selection from our selection of Work Experience vacancies in Cape Town.

To make the experience valuable for you and the company, there is a minimum period of 3 months for the vacancies we offer. This way you have enough time to gain relevant work experience. The visa that you apply for in the Netherlands is also issued for 3 months. Do you want to stay longer than 3 months? Then you can extend the visa upon arrival in Cape Town to the desired period. We will of course help you with this process and also with finding accommodation.

Please note: the following is just a small selection of our range of projects in South Africa, not all possible projects are listed below. If your ideal project is not listed or you want more information about other vacancies, a customized project or last-minute workplaces in Cape Town, please send an email to or complete the registration form.