Cape Town

A student city of world class

Cape Town, also known as the Mother City of South Africa, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Every year many international students travel via 4exchange to this South African city for an internship period. Here we help students from various studies to find suitable internships, accommodation and of course student activities!

With its large university, trendy entertainment center, beautiful rugged coastline, rich culture and various sports opportunities, Cape Town has the infrastructure and appeal of a student city on a world level. International students come to Cape Town to discover this beautiful city and South Africa as a country, to meet new people, to improve their English and to develop as a world citizen at different levels. Built at the foot of the famous Table Mountain and enclosed between the most beautiful beaches and vineyards, Cape Town offers unprecedented opportunities for fine tourist activities. Cape Town has a wide range of vibrant art and culture, wonderfully affordable restaurants, impressive mountains, breathtaking wine countries, tasty local music and the renowned friendliness and hospitality of South Africans. There are amazing surf spots – for kite, wind and wave surfers, wine tasting in the world’s most beautiful wine region, baboons and penguins during the Cape Point Route or an adrenaline boost during various “extreme activities” as well as skydiving, paragliding, shark cage diving or abseiling. Cape Town is indeed in South Africa, but in many ways it is not inferior to ‘one of the most beautiful Western cities. Pronounced luxury resorts such as Camps Bay and Clifton are very similar to Saint Tropez, and the culinary offer of restaurants in the city is one that many a city in Europe is jealous of. Not to mention Cape Town’s nightlife: an impressive range of bars, cafes and clubs to discover something new every night of the week.


The great thing is that if you do an internship in Cape Town for a few months you will get to know the city better than any tourist. Soon you will notice that Cape Town is certainly not as Western as it seems at first sight. The turbulent history of the country has given Cape Town a very cosmopolitan and multicultural style and character that both Capetonians and international students enjoy. Particularly special ‘Kaaps’ is the lively cultural scene in which, among other things, music (jazz and kwaito) is central, in which the sounds of the cultural diversity of the city can be heard. But also the Cape Malay cuisine, with many Indian influences, and the architectural styles and architecture is a souvenir of hundreds of years of foreign interference. The newer modern office buildings are just in the same neighborhood as old traditional Cape Dutch houses. Where you will find some of the most beautiful mosques in the colorful Bo-Kaap district, Sea Point is the oldest synagogue in the city.

In short: Cape Town is a mix of genres, styles, people and colors. Partly because of this, Cape Town is for many people a place that they will not soon (read: never) forget. Once you’ve been there, you actually always want to go back … it’s just that you’ve been warned.

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Did you know about Cape Town that …

It has one of the youngest populations in the world?

According to the latest national census in 2011, almost half of the population of the Western Cape is younger than 25 years.

Afrikaans is the most spoken language in the Western Cape?

Although Afrikaans is in theory one of the youngest languages in the world, in and around Cape Town it is by far the most spoken language.

Lion's Head is not so hot because lions used to walk around

It is especially the shape of the mountain from which the name derives; if you look from a distance to the mountain, the shape of a reclining lion with head and tail becomes visible

The most expensive houses in South Africa stand in Cape Town?

Most can be found in Camps Bay, where you will find more than 150 capital buildings that are more than R20 million.

“Cape Town; once you’ve been there, you always want to go back”