Frequently Asked Questions


Can you start an internship at any time of the year?
Yes, that is possible. Keep in mind that in December it is summer holiday and that many companies close for 2 to 4 weeks, so that is not a good time to start. Many social organizations are closed for up to 6 weeks.
How long does it take before you have found an internship?
That differs per study direction, but you can assume a period between 2 and 6 weeks. If you are looking for a last minute internship, please feel free to contact us if this is possible.
Can you also do an internship if you do not study anymore?
How long does it take before you have found an internship?How long does it take before you have found an internship?
What kind of internships do you mediate?
We can mediate internships in all fields of study. If we do not have a vacancy in your field of study, then we will search for this.
Do you receive a salary for an internship in Cape Town?
No, you can not earn a salary when you do an internship in South Africa. Some companies try to accommodate students by paying for lunch or transport, but assume that you have to pay for your own period in Cape Town.


How far in advance should you apply for a visa?
The moment you know you want to do an internship in South Africa, you can already pick up the application package at the embassy. The collection of the documents takes about 4 weeks, the application itself can also take 4 weeks. Sometimes it is a bit faster but plan everything well and read all visa documents well.
Do you help when applying for a visa?
We help you with all the documents you need from South Africa, such as an invitation letter from your internship and proof of accommodation. We also help you with sample letters from other documents.
Which documents do you need for a visa for an internship in South Africa?
For the latest up to date list always go to the embassy in The Hague. You will then receive an application package with a list that states which documents you need. If you are registered with us you will also receive an information package with this list, we do our best to keep it up to date.


Do you also pay the mediation costs if you can not find a suitable internship?
No, we work on a no cure no pay basis. If we can not find a suitable internship, you do not pay any mediation costs. You pay these costs to us at the time you accept the internship.
What does an internship in Cape Town cost?

You can assume the following:
– Air ticket between 650 and 900 euros
– Food and drinks from 250 euros per month (that is if you cook yourself and do regular shopping, you go more than that is more expensive)
– Living space between 250 and 450 euros per month (depending on where you live and whether you share a room or have your own room)
– Car rental from 250 euros per month. A rental car is not always necessary, but sometimes very nice.
– One-off mediation costs 550 euro
– Visa, vaccination and insurance costs depend on your current insurance and what will be reimbursed.
– Then of course you still have costs of activities

Of course you have a lot of control and you can spend a lot more or less, the above is an indication.

Transport in Cape Town

How is public transport in Cape Town?
South Africa did not have access to public transport for a long time, as you might know from the Netherlands and Belgium. Public transport is still not comparable with Europe. Not even in big cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, where millions of people travel to and from work every day. This lack of public transport, combined with the particularly large distances in South Africa, means that many tourists and trainees often decide to rent a car.

In some parts of the city there is a safe, reliable and affordable bus connection: the MyCiTi bus service.

What is a safe and good way of traveling with public transport?
There are good bus connections from the central station (Civic Center) to the neighborhoods Vredehoek, Gardens, Oranjezicht, Salt River, Table View / Blouberg, Waterfront, Green Point, Sea Point, Campsbay, Melkbosstrand and Atlantis. The buses mainly run on separate bus lanes, so that during the rush hour there will be little disruption to other traffic. You buy a MyCiTi card once, which you can rate. For more information see:
Which taxi can you travel best?
There are 2 types of taxis active in Cape Town. The regular taxi and Uber. The regular taxis are safe to use and pay well, especially if you share a taxi (make sure you always go with a recognized company (such as SPORT or Grab a Cab) We advise you to always drive on the meter , so at least you know for sure that you never pay too much for a taxi ride.

The Uber is a taxi that you order via the Uber App on your phone, the payment is done online via credit card and wherever you are, often the taxi is within a few minutes. Choose your ride and set your location. You see the picture of your driver and details of the vehicle, and you can follow the arrival on the map. This way of traveling is very popular and cheaper than a regular taxi.

Can you travel with the minibus?
The ‘mini-taxis’ still form an important part of public transport in South Africa. These vans are for the most part used by the South African working class. The vans all have their own fixed route, you can get on and get off at any point along the route. The fares are very advantageous. The disadvantage of this taxis is that they are not always very comfortable, not everywhere equally safe and that it often takes a lot longer before you reach the destination. These vans are therefore mainly suitable for smaller distances, preferably within the center of Cape Town or within a certain neighborhood. Make sure you only use mini-taxis in daylight and never travel without the guidance of the townships.
Is it safe to travel by train?
There are several train connections that are easy to use. Highly recommended is the train connection between the center of Cape Town and Simon’s Town, also known as The Southern Line Rail Route. With, among other things, stopovers at a number of suburbs and nice coastal towns. The train is also affordable. Keep in mind that the trains do not always run according to schedule, there are also occasional reports of pickpockets at the stations and in the trains themselves. In any case, always travel first class as a precaution, and avoid routes that run through or past a township. Do not travel in the dark by train.
Is it convenient to rent a car in Cape Town?
Cape Town itself is easy to travel without a car. Yet having a car in Cape Town is not a luxury. After all, the most beautiful places are very difficult to reach without their own transport and it will quickly become expensive with a taxi. Moreover, the distances are a lot bigger than we are used to in Europe. In addition, the costs for car rental are not too bad. For more information about rental cars see also our car rental page.