• By completing the registration form, the volunteer asks volunteer agency 4exchange for him / her to look for a suitable volunteer project in South Africa.
  • The volunteer will only owe the pre-communicated mediation costs to 4exchange when a volunteer contract has been established – that is, when both the volunteer and the volunteer place have agreed to the arrival of the volunteer.
  • The volunteer is aware that voluntary work in South Africa is unpaid. A reimbursement is therefore not included as criteria.
  • If 4exchange cannot offer suitable voluntary work, the volunteer does not owe any mediation costs. If the voluntary work offered by 4exchange proves to be unsuitable, the student will receive a different offer once.
  • If the volunteer organization withdraws after signing the contract for reasons not due to the volunteer, 4exchange offers the volunteer another project. If this is not possible, the mediation costs will be refunded.
  • If the volunteer withdraws after signing the contract, there is no possibility to refund the mediation costs.
  • In the event of a breach of contract with the voluntary organization due to the volunteer’s malfunctioning, there is no possibility of reimbursing the mediation costs.
  • The volunteer is responsible for applying for the visa on time and for taking care of the necessary papers. 4exchange is not responsible for the consequences of the late application of the visa, or any rejection of the visa.
  • I declare that 4exchange and its employees can not be held responsible for injury, death, damage or loss of any kind, which can be suffered during the stay organized by 4exchange.