Social Work internship

Do you study Social Work and do you want to get in touch with different target groups during your internship? Then read on about this internship!

 What we offer within this Social work internship in Cape Town:
– An internship period of 4 to 10 months;
– Work closely with a specialized Social Worker;
– Gain experience at a large organization;
– Choose from different target groups to work with.

 What will you be doing?

Our client is an institution that offers support in the field of education, training and therapy for children, adolescents and adults. All target groups have to deal with psychological, mental, intellectual or neurological limitations. Our client is located outside the city at a 45-minute drive, so it is important that you have a rental car or rent an accommodation in one of Cape Town’s suburbs.

Within the position of Social Worker you can be deployed to different target groups, this is determined in consultation with your preference. There is a children’s day care center where they take care of 30 children in 3 groups. The children receive educational and physical stimulation, and they also have access to physical and speech therapy. Their work center is a social workplace that gives 150 disabled (young) adults the opportunity to participate in the working world. Here, simple but challenging tasks are performed for which they also receive a (small) fee. There is an adult day care center where adults are cared for who cannot participate in their social workplace. Finally, there is residential care, these are six houses with a total of 60 residents, who are present during the day in the day care center or the social workplace.

As a Social Work intern you supervise and stimulate the target group you are on. You devise activities and support them in their implementation, you also guide your patients during (therapeutic) sessions.

Does this vacancy match what you are looking for in an internship? Then respond today!

What we are looking for:
– Bachelor or Master study in the direction of Social Work or minor Nursing;
– Excellent command of the English language in speech and writing;
– Experience with similar target groups is an advantage; – Available for a minimum of 4 months.

Are you the perfect candidate for this vacancy? Then respond immediately with reference to vacancy S1.

 Phone: +27 (0)65 8719815