Nursing internship

Do you want to gain experience with the mentally and physically disabled? Then this internship is interesting for you!

What we offer within this nursing internship in Cape Town:
– An internship period of 4 to 10 months;
– An internship with many specialized colleagues;
– Working with children and young adults with an intellectual and / or physical disability;
– Opportunities for research.

What will you do?
Our client is a housing facility for children and young adults with a physical or mental disability. They live here full time and the facility consists of 4 different departments with each department having around 15-25 residents. Because of their disability, this target group needs help with almost all facets of daily life such as showering, dressing, visiting the toilet, eating and activities. The housing facility stimulates contact with the home front and they are therefore always welcome to visit and they can also take the residents for an activity or, for example, a weekend away. Within this nursing internship in South Africa you will be involved in, among other things, assisting with showering, dressing and preparing the residents. You receive the transfer of the night shift where you set up the duties for the coming day, assist with the possible transfer of residents to a hospital or clinic and administrative tasks. You also support the residents in their daily activities and you guide them to their physiotherapy, for example. There is also room for research into various topics such as personnel training or communication.

Does this vacancy appeal to you? Then respond today!

What we are looking for:
– Bachelor/ Master study in the direction of Nursing;
– Excellent knowledge of the English language in speech and writing;
– Experience with similar activities is an advantage;
– Available for a minimum of 4 months.

Are you the perfect candidate for this vacancy? Respond immediately with reference to vacancy S8.

Phone: +27 (0)65 8719815