In this blog we look back on the period of student Hanneke in the last five months in Cape Town. Hanneke has organized both her internship and accommodation through 4exchange. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of the various internships that we offer? Then take a look at our internship vacancies.

How did you experience the past period?

I’ve had a lot of fun in the past period. It was also busy, there were a lot of things that I wanted to do during my stay in Cape Town and in addition, it is a lot to deal with in the beginning. You start a new internship, you live in a new city and you have new roommates. Yet you quickly adapt, my accommodation was great and I have been away many weekends. I have not experienced anything unpleasant here and in fact I have experienced the entire period as above my expectations.

What were your highlights from the past few months?

The weekend to Kruger, that was really great. I also found my parents’ visit a highlight, it was very nice to show them what I am doing here. You speak to them of course but it is nice to be able to share it with them in real life. Finally, my roommates were also a highlight, I stayed in the Canterbury accommodation so I lived with many other students. Because of this there was always someone at home or keen to do something fun. It really felt like one group to me and I also liked that there were other nationalities instead of just Dutch people.

Have you been on the weekend away from 4exchange and how did you experience this?

Yes, I went to the Kruger Park with 4exchange and that was amazing! It was a very nice group, I didn’t know anyone, so it’s also a nice way to get to know people. In addition, it was nice that you arranged everything and that I did not have to do anything, there is a lot that comes with a weekend like this I have experienced so it is certainly advisable to go with you so that you know that everything is well organized . I also really enjoyed getting to know you, you spend a lot of time together on such a weekend getaway and I was the only one who wanted to go back into the park the last morning and it was nice that you went with me . Apart from that we have seen a lot of animals and that’s ofcourse what I came for.

How did the contact with 4exchange go for you?

The contact ran very smoothly from day one. Perhaps because I had already heard from classmates about my internship and therefore already knew that I probably wanted to do an internship there. It was all arranged quickly for me, I received a quick response to my emails and I also had no problems regarding visa application. 4exchange makes it very clear to you what exactly you have to do.

How do you like accommodation and living together with other students?

For me, the Canterbury accommodation was great, I was looking for something with more people and you will certainly find it there. You do indeed live with a lot of people but you know that in advance and I adapt quickly so I wasn’t bothered anything. You make new friends quickly and there is always someone who is up for something fun. On the other hand, you have to enjoy being with other people a lot and being open to this.

What are you going to miss most about Cape Town?

The children from my internship and the staff. Waking up every morning with a beautiful view of Table Mountain and the fact that I had no obligations and could do what I wanted. Of course I will also miss the nature and beaches here.