I’m Ben, 28 years old and I live in Gardens. I was born in Congo and came to South Africa in 2015. I am currently studying Business Administration and I am a trained barista. During the week I work as a barista in the Cape Town Rocks Coffee and Travel Bar in one of the 4exchange accommodations.

What can you expect from me?
For 4exchange I am working as a barista in our own coffee bar. I ensure that all students (and other customers) are provided with good coffee, but especially the smoothies are very popular with the students. Apart from coffee, I make sure that I put the students at ease, certainly in the beginning. I like to chat with them and answer any questions they have about Cape Town.

Why 4Exchange?
4exchange is a professional company with their own office in Cape Town, right next to our coffee bar, making contact with 4exchange is therefore easy. In addition, through 4exchange you quickly get to know other international students through the different accommodations. I notice when students just arrive they are often a bit uncomfortable, because of 4exchange this is quickly over because they easily come into contact with other international students.

Best part of your job at 4Exchange?
The best thing about my work for 4exchange is the contact I have with the students. Because there are 35 students living above the coffee bar each semester, I get to know many new people. I like to hear their experiences in life and they like to hear mine, so we learn a lot from each other and our different cultures. I also like to receive feedback about my coffee skills so that I can always keep improving.

Must do for students in Cape Town:
Go hiking as often and as often as possible, only this way you have the best views of Cape Town. The famous hikes such as Lions Head, Table Mountain and Devils Peak are never boring, so I would definitely recommend! Becides that, you must of course visit the other hotspots such as the Cape of Good Hope, the penguins and Signal Hill!



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