What can you expect from me?
I work in the position of Maintenance Manager. This means that I am responsible for maintaining the accommodation buildings and apartments. If something is broken or defective, it is up to me to see what the cause is and to resolve this as quickly as possible for the students.

Why 4Exchange?
I believe that it is an unforgettable experience for every student to do an internship in Cape Town. You have the opportunity to meet many other (international) students and to discover South-Africa. I have known 4Exchange for a long time and with their years of experience and the growth they have experienced there is no better, safer and nicer organization to adjust your internship period with.

Best thing about your work at 4Exchange?
I contribute to a good experience of the students during their stay in Cape Town. My goal is to be able to make a smile on my client’s face as quickly as possible, in this case the students of 4Exchange.

Must do for students in Cape Town:
Try to see as much of Cape Town and the surrounding area as possible during your stay here. There is a lot when it comes to ​​going out for students, but don’t forget the beautiful nature that Cape Town has to offer. Take road trips with your fellow students and don’t forget to visit the winelands.


Maintenance Manager


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