Volunteering in South Africa

Volunteer work in Cape Town is a challenging, meaningful and fun way to get to know this special country. We have several challenging volunteer projects available where you can work as a volunteer in South Africa.

  • Just like with our internship mediation, we also work out volunteer work in South Africa with the personal wishes, qualities and individual skills of every volunteer. Let us know what you would like to do yourself, and especially: where your strength and talent lie.
  • Then we will look for which local organization you could do something as a volunteer. Do you enjoy working with small children in a nursery, with street children, or rather in nature with animals?
  • In general, the volunteer projects that we offer are available all year round, but there is a minimum number of weeks that you must be available for the project.
  • Even if you would like to gain work experience in South Africa, outside of a study, there are various local non-profit organizations with suitable functions.

A selection of the possibilities for volunteering in South Africa:

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