Your stay in South Africa is definitelyonce in a lifetime experience . Logically that as an important part of this experience you want to see as much of the beautiful country as possible. We regularly organize affordable activities and trips to the most beautiful places in South Africa. During our activities you not only become acquainted with South Africa but also with other 4exchange students and volunteers.

4exchange Hermanus weekend

Hermanus is the ideal spot for spotting whales (in season), diving with sharks and a good welcome party. You will get to know fellow students and you will also see the beautiful hinterland of Cape Town. During this weekend you can choose from a number of special activities, including whale watching and shark cage diving, but also quad biking and riding are on the program. See here pictures of this weekend.

4exchange Cederberg weekend

This adventurous Cederberg weekend is undoubtedly one of the 4exchange activities that you do not want to miss. We spend the night in  the middle of nowhere  with the African host and hostess Gerrit and Chantal, who serve us authentic African ‘kos’ in the evening. During the day there is much-needed culture in the form of San Rock Art, a healthy dose of adventure during the (spicy) Wolfberg Arch Hike, and the well-deserved relaxation afterwards at the swimming pool and the natural water paradise (Maalgat). During this weekend we travel with a Nomad Adventure Truck through the extreme landscape of Cederberg. See here  pictures from this weekend